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Month: February 2018

Review: Minolta MD 200mm 1:4.0

Another Minolta New MD (MD III) 200mm F4 lens review. Some of lenses don’t have a high characteristics, don’t became famous and looks too simple for fans, but these lenses […]

Review: Minolta MD 200mm 1:2.8

Another Minolta New MD (MD III) 200mm F2.8 lens review. Minolta designed two portraiture bombs – one is already reviewed Minolta MD 135mm F2.0 and this is second – Minolta […]

Review: Minolta MD 135mm 1:3.5

Another Minolta New MD (MD III) 135mm F3.5 lens review. This lens is in the list of most popular lenses among Minolta fans. Tests are nice, so, why not? And […]

Review: Minolta MD 135mm 1:2.8

Another Minolta New MD (MD III) 135mm F2.8 lens review. ‘Must have’ lens for portraiture – very convenient in use and with guarantee of result. Low prices on auctions looks […]

Review: Minolta MD 135mm 1:2.0

Another Minolta New MD (MD III) 135mm F2 lens review. Yes, the best 135 mm lens ever. Yes, this is one of the most expensive lenses based on the classic […]

Review: Minolta MD 100mm 1:2.5

Another Minolta MD (New-MD, MD III) 100mm F2.5 lens review. ‘The best’ – are appropriated words if linked with this 100/2.5. Guarantied result on a taken photo, no any surprises, […]

Review: Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0

Another Minolta New MD 85mm F2 lens review. I’m not the first who says that this is possible the best lens of Minolta ever. And yes, it is sharp even […]