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Month: June 2018

Review: Canon FDn 50mm f:1.4

Canon New FD 50mm F1.4 lens review. Canon modern popularity pushes manual old FD-mount lenses to the list of popular optics among photographers, and in fact, it is deserved.

Review: Minolta MD macro 100mm 1:4

Minolta New MD macro 100mm F4.0 lens review. Not often we can say ‘must have’ about lenses, but this 100mm macro is that case – ideal for macro or objects […]

Review: Minolta MD macro 50mm 1:3.5

Minolta New MD macro 50mm F3.5 lens review. This lens is work horse for any cases when photographer need to shoot a close-up without issues. Should be in any set […]

Review: Minolta MD RF 500mm 1:8

Minolta New MD reflex mirror 500mm F8.0 lens review. This is the longest lens on the site for today and the review can be interesting just because of this fact.