Tested lenses reviews:


Minolta MD 50mm F/1.4 review avatar


Test description: Camera Sony A7II (24mpx, full frame) was fixed on the tripod and managed remotely with computer display as a viewfinder. Targets (buildings) were fixed by gravity power on the distances in more than 200 meters.  All shots were made with apertures from fully opened and up to F16. ISO-100. Shutter Speed – depends on light (camera A-mode). SteadyShot – OFF. Focus was manually corrected for each shot to exclude focus-shift.

Finally, pictures were converted from ARW-files in Capture One with default settings (Some single files have a slight light correction, for better visual convenience in comparison), then cropped for 300×200 px elements, combined into diagrams and exported into JPEG-files

  • Sunlight has been changed during the session.
  • I am just a man, I do not pretend that in all cases my focus settings were absolutely accurate. But I aspired to it.
  • F4 on diagrams means F4 for primes and F3.5 for the zoom

Focal distance 35mm

Scene preview (35mm):


Test results (35mm):


Focal distance 50mm

Scene preview (50mm):


Test results (50mm):


My conclusion:

Of course zoom can’t beats the primes with level of E 35/2.8 ZE or MD 50/1.4. The purpose of this comparison is to show that the photographer loses in term of sharpness if using a zoom lens instead of primes. Actually – not many. Just avoid the opened aperture – at F5.6 all positions looks close the same, difference is presented but too slight to be noticed. So, if photographer don’t need thin DOF during a photo-session – zoom would be preferable than set of primes. Minolta really produced the gem.


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