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Lens QA Works – optical design schemes: how-to


There are a lot of scanned optical design schemes in the network, but need to follow Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License in as many cases as it possible, that’s why just scanning and publishing of the books isn’t enough. For today the every single optical scheme get a personal approach, with researching over different sources and even consultations with collectors society. I’ve even found an errors on other popular sites.

Yes, I know – that’s strange to care about copyrights, if knowing that one of the best photo-companies Minolta was killed by copyrights law, but too many people still believe that laws of  Middle Ages are good and try to distribute it around. The level of craziness can be any, I’ve met people who think that scanning of books automatically gives them authors rights, and people who can see violating if somebody attached a printed photo with favorite actor on a kitchen fridge.

Here a few examples of diagrams in style:

How to do it

Short video:

For those who prefer simple screenshots:

The source can be anything, for example – one of the popular book about Minolta company.

1. Source (photo of the book page):

2. Actions:

3. The result:


Have a nice day!


  1. Just wanted to say I really appreciate the work you guys do, even if I don’t fully appreciate the anime avatars you assign each lens. Not that I’d just come here to praise you guys without asking for something- any chance you will start tracking/recording number of aperture blades? I know it’s a tad redundant given that your reviews clearly show the aperture, and test lenses in a way that shows bokeh characteristics in a much better way than blade count could suggest, but still, *I* care about it!


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