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Test: ‘Minolta MD 2000mm F32.0’ aka Minolta MD 500mm F8 RF with two 2x converters

It’s a good time to test something with 2m focal distance. Just for fun.


As you can see on the photo, here we have the set of:

  • Minolta MD RF 500mm 1:8
  • Minolta MD 2x Tele Converter 300-S
  • Minolta MD 2x Tele Converter 300-L

As a result: the optical system with 2000mm focal distance and aperture F32. This set has been mounted on Sony Alpha 7II camera, 35mm/24mpx.

Very compact size for such abilities, however.

Here is the review of the lens:


Here is something like a review of Minolta MD 2x Tele Converter 300-S.

What about Converter 300-L – there are no tests on the site for today. I just can say that this converter has been designed for “Long lenses” – “L”, and suitable for Minolta(s) equal or longer than 300mm focal distance.

The preview of the environment taken with a standard 50mm lens:


Red square, as you guessed, is the frame area for our “Minolta MD 2000mm F32.0”.

Camera settings:

  • ISO 800
  • 1/800
  • F32
  • IBIS is ON and set for 1m lenses
  • Tripod and additional support for the lens

RAW has been converted in Capture One with slight light correction – no any affecting for resolution or contrast. JPEG quality 80%.

By the way: three shots have been taken in purpose to select the one, it is needed to avoid consequences of misfocusing or shaking, but all three were fine. For me, it means that set can be used with quite big confidence in the stable result.

OK, looks enough of a data, so… Ta-Daaaam

This is it (clickable of course):



I’m not sure that the conclusion is needed here, but why not? This set is much better than I expected at least, not a fantastic of course but enough usable. The experiment is successful.

Have fun!


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