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LensWars: Minolta MC Rokkor PF 85mm f/1.7 vs. MD 85mm f/2.0

Comparison of lenses Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0, Minolta MC Rokkor PF 85mm 1:1.7

This comparison is correct only for conditions and equipment used for tests. Test results can differ if any element is changed.

Tested lenses reviews:


Long distance – sharpness:

Test description: Camera Sony A7II (24mpx, full frame) was fixed on the tripod and managed remotely with computer display as a viewfinder. Targets (buildings) were fixed by gravity power on the distances in more than 200 meters. All shots were made with apertures from fully opened and up to F16. ISO-100. Shutter Speed – depends on light (camera A-mode). SteadyShot – OFF. Focus was manually corrected for each shot to exclude focus-shift.

Finally, pictures were converted from ARW-files in Capture One with default settings (some single files have a slight light correction, for better visual convenience in comparison), then cut into 300×200 px elements (100% crops), combined into diagrams and exported into JPEG-files.

  • Sunlight has been changed during the session.
  • I am just a man, I do not pretend that in all cases my focus settings were absolutely accurate. But I aspired to it.

Scene preview:


Test results:


What does it mean?’ – my conclusion:

  • Center: Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0 is better if wide opened. Both became the same at F2.8
  • Middle: Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0 is better up to F4. Both became the same at F5.6
  • Corner: Here are the very mixed results, so, better to say that both are close the same without noticeable advantages of anyone.

There are no surprises, we already know that Minolta MC Rokkor PF 85mm 1:1.7 has a little lack of resolution in the center on F1.7 and in the middle up to F2.8 and it has no chance to win the battle with famous ‘crispy’ from New-MD generation.

So, Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0 has won.


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