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Minolta XD series – exploded diagrams

Exploded Parts List for Minolta XD Series 35mm Cameras – 22 pages about Minolta XD/XD7/XD11 and additional four pages for Minolta XD5. Including body, shutter block, electronic elements and wiring schematic.

Very useful if you need to disassemble the camera and assemble it back with no extra spare parts on the table after the procedure.

Minolta XD/XD7/XD11:


Minolta XD/XD7/XD11/XD5 electronic part:


Minolta XD/XD7/XD11/XD5 shutter block:


Minolta XD5:


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  1. It’s nice to see another person intrigued by the insides of vintage cameras. I was hoping to make lens reviews of vintage lenses as well for a youtube channel starting with Canon FD and Olympus OM lenses. I even started working on a full fledged documentary on the history of the Canon Breech Lock Lenses (R, FL, FD & New FD). I also see you have some FD reviews as well. I’ve been trying to collect books and documents regarding lenses, but the technical documents are very hard to come by. My best web find was the old MIR website. I don’t want to start filming and producing the documentary until I feel I have enough data. What suggestions do you have with finding documents such as the one in this post?

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  2. Hi. Good luck to you – your targets aren’t easy. I’m not involved in heavy historical research. Maybe because I see how “big guys” do it – the whole life is not enough. I believe that world auctions, local garage-sales, and flea markets – all of these should be farmed everywhere on a permanent base. Also, I recommend finding a translator from Japanese – a lot of materials coming from the country origin. Of course, communities and contacts with other collectors are required – or you have a risk to waste years on well-known and simple things… Yes.. it isn’t a simple target ))

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  3. Thanks for the info. I’ll check Japanese sources.

    Ai/Ai-S Nikkor lenses are much easier to search since they are patented, even the engineers have their names on the patents. I cannot find any R/FL/FD/nFD lenses with patents so it’s much harder to research. I actually emailed Canon if I could get the names of the designers of specific lenses, but it’s apparently a guarded secret. Regarding Nikkor lenses, I think guys like Mr. Rockwell has those lenses covered. Maybe I’ll cover them eventually. I simply feel not many cover the FD System.

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