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Category: Minolta MD zoom lenses

Review: Minolta MD Zoom 50-135mm 1:3.5

Minolta New-MD Zoom 50-135mm F/3.5 (New-MD, NMD, MDIII) lens review. The very special zoom because of unusual behavior. But with an absolutely clear purpose – this is an tool for […]

Review: Minolta MD Zoom 75-150mm 1:4.0

Minolta New-MD Zoom 150mm F/4 (MDIII) lens review. There are a few popular 2x-zooms produced by the genius of Minolta’s engineers. Everyone knows at least ‘Leica’ MD 35-70/3.5 /sarcasm/ and […]

Review: Minolta MD Zoom 24-50mm 1:4.0

Minolta New MD (MDIII) 24-50mm F4.0 Zoom lens review. The zoom which is strongly recommended, even independently of style of photographer and used crop-factor, it will work great in any […]

Review: Minolta MD Zoom 24-35mm 1:3.5

Lens review: Minolta New MD (MDIII) Zoom 24-35mm F3.5 Well, the first review of zoom on the site. This lens is genius, as it often happens with  Minolta. Reviews of […]