Calendar: Minolta historical events

Here you can see the calendars with mostly known and important Minolta dates. Some have the detailed dates – ‘day-month-year’ and displays for specific day, some – ‘month-year’ and displays for specific month but for random day, and some – just ‘year’ and displays for random month and day, so to avoid the inaccuracy please read the description of events.

All dates are set in ‘every year repeating’ mode.

Calendar development will continue.

If you have an additional information and can correct dates or add more – welcome to comments or contact with author directly.

Most important dates for Minolta as company:

Special Thanks for Andrea Aprà and Mitchell Alexander and Jan Koning – this calendar is based on information getting from these gentlemen.

In next two calendars – 99% information about dates of equipment releases was acquired from Code Number List.xlsx – file created and supported by Andrea Aprà but here are using only most popular or main events, that’s why if you need a really detailed information then you need to research the source.

Dates of releases by Minolta known in details up to specific days:

Dates of releases by Minolta known in details up to specific months:

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