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Tag: Minolta

Greece – Crete – Bali, Minolta MD 50mm F1.7, Sony A7II, Capture One, 2x resized

Demo Photos: Minolta MD 50mm 1:1.7

This article demonstrates a few examples which were taken with Minolta MD 50/1.7. Greece – Crete – Bali, Minolta MD 50mm F1.7, Sony A7II (24mpx), Capture One, 2x resized

Review: Minolta MC Tele Rokkor PF 100mm 1:2.5

Minolta MC Tele Rokkor-PF 100mm 1:2.5 lens review. (‘MC II’ style by collectors classification) Here is another one tele-lens by Minolta. Very suitable for portraits because it is ‘100mm fast’ […]

Review: Minolta MD Zoom 24-35mm 1:3.5

Lens review: Minolta New MD (MDIII) Zoom 24-35mm F3.5 Well, the first review of zoom on the site. This lens is genius, as it often happens with  Minolta. Reviews of […]

Review: Minolta MD macro 100mm 1:4

Minolta New MD macro 100mm F4.0 lens review. Not often we can say ‘must have’ about lenses, but this 100mm macro is that case – ideal for macro or objects […]

Shootout: bokeh – circles of light

Collection of samples with light circles in bokeh. This test is not enough to understand the differences in bokeh between different lenses. But some examples can be useful. Tests conditions: […]

Review: Minolta MD VFC 24mm 1:2.8

Another Minolta New MD (MD III) VFC 24mm F2.8 lens review Once upon a time, I set out to make reviews for all existing rectilinear (non-special) Minolta MD lenses. This […]